So Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays?

We take birthdays virtually as a given. When it’s someone’s birthday we frequently possess a birthday celebration on their behalf, having a birthday cake and presents and sing Happy Birthday For You and also have a variety of fun. However when did the custom of celebrating a person’s birth date become important?

We must return 1000’s of years to possibly locate an answer. Back during Roman Empire days, people didn’t know about astronomy and also the titling of the world on it’s axis etc. They simply understood that as winter contacted, the times got shorter and shorter because the sun spent a shorter period on the horizon, also it was frightening for them. They believed the sun’s rays was dying and sooner or later the sun’s rays would disappear altogether.

But around middle December, the times would get longer again. The sun’s rays got greater on the horizon and thus made an appearance reborn. This bought great relief and pleasure towards the Romans, so much in fact they produced a festival to recognition this very day. The festival was known as Saturnalia, named after Saturn the Roman god of agriculture.

The Saturnalia festival was huge, full of pleasure and peace and merriment and gifts towards the sun, also it lasted an entire week. And essentially exactly what the Romans were celebrating was the birth from the sun, which happened each year at comparable time. Quite simply, the sun’s birthday.

Though frequently disputed, there’s much evidence to aid the Saturnalia eventually grew to become your day to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Early Christians desired to remove all questionnable holidays, but Saturnalia am popular they desired to ensure that it stays. Since Saturnalia ended up being to celebrate the “birth from the Sun”, why don’t you turn it into a day-to celebrate the “birth from the Boy”? Within the 3rd century the state Saturnalia celebration day was December 25 (as prescribed through the Roman Emperor Aurelian), to ensure that day also grew to become Jesus’ birthday. Not to mention on that day is well known pretty exactly the same as Saturnalia, with pleasure and merriment and peace on the planet.

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