Qualities of a Promising Young Actress

Not everyone can become an amazing actress and even from a young age, you just know that certain individuals are destined for glory. But that doesn’t mean you just give up on a young actor if you feel they don’t possess the necessary raw talent. When choosing a young actor, you must remember that they are learning their trade and may not have a lot of experience in the industry.

Here are some things to look out for when hiring a young actress.


You may think that this shouldn’t be included on the list, but a person who isn’t slightly narcissistic won’t fully believe in themselves. Great actors are always going to be arrogant, that doesn’t make them bad people, it just shows they have a lot of faith in their own abilities.

Willingness to Work on Their Performance

A talented and successful actor will work hard to perfect their skills, even when they’ve learned a lot, they are still willing to learn more. If they don’t feel like they are accurately portraying a character, they’ll go to extreme lengths to amend their shortcomings. It is always good to work with an actor who is still eager and enthusiastic to learn, some of the best actors in the business know that you can learn something new every day, that’s why they are open to new suggestions.


Even though you may be looking at a talented young star like Scarlet Grace, you should still look for experience and diversity. Just because an actor is young, doesn’t mean they lack experience. If you want to hire a promising young actor, you should look at theirresume to see who they have worked for. A talented performer will have worked on all kinds of jobs including:

  • West End Musicals
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Hollywood Blockbusters
  • Independent Films

Experience at such as young age can be difficult to find, but an actor who is willing to try out new parts and challenge themselves is a great quality to look for in any up and coming performer.

Physical Skills

A great new actor has outstanding physical skills, meaning they are great at portraying a character through movement alone. Even before they get into any dialogue, they can mimic the movement of a character and have an audience fully engrossed. Some young actors also perform their own stunt work and complex physical scenes.

Research Skills

Any good actor knows that research is vitally important when going to an audition or portraying a role. If they don’t know anything about a specific character, they’ll take time to learn about their part. A promising young actor will also have outstanding reading and interpretation skills.

Finding a promising young actress can be challenging, but if you look out for the qualities mentioned above, you should be able to spot a real gem. An actor must be convincing in their roles, the moment they step on stage or in front of a camera, they must be able to captivate their audience. If they can accurately portray their characters, they’ll be a huge success.

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